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eXtended Linux Video

XLV is a middle-level interface for Audio/Video (and generic multimedia format) playing, recording, and managing. The idea is that what you can do automatically (with one call) can also be done manually (all the decoding process can be extracted from the automate). XLV comes with a full bunch of plugins, including Vorbis, MPEG audio decoding, MPEG 1/2 video decoding, a Win32 codec interface, AVI decoder, Wave decoder, Quicktime decoder, MPEG/VOB (DVD file) decoder, and more functionalities like auto-format conversion, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2002 13:31

    Release Notes: A new pipeline element, XLV Pipeline Play, is now in the Core library. Building a completely different player is now possible. The pipeline muxers were separated, and are now located in xlv_pipeline_mux.c. An ASF decoder plugin was added. Some plugin shared libraries were merged. The XLV Export subsystem was added. New video codecs are now accessible through libavcodec and FFMPEG. OpenDivX decore has been deleted from the package because FFMPEG is now used whenever DivX is not available. The video adaptor was slightly reworked.

    •  08 Sep 2001 00:52

      Release Notes: OpenDivx fixes, W32_Codec updates, a core bugfix (a consequence was an inverted image), removal of calls to arts_free() because of bugs in ARTS, and more documentation.

      •  07 Sep 2001 03:02

        Release Notes: Partial Load-On-Demand, Ogg Vorbis support, a more flexible video adaptor, new YUV-RGB converters, a new compress ability for Win32 plugin, a working wav writer, playlist support for XLVPlay (command line), an API change for XLV Codec, removal of the MP3 plugin, OpenDivX encore support, a new ARTS driver, and new documentation using DoxyGen.


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