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XiX Music Player is a music player for MP3, Ogg, M4A, AAC, FLAC, APE, and OPUS files. It is easy to create and maintain your own playlists. There is an integrated lyric viewer that searches for the lyric of the song you are listening to. If the CD cover is found, it is also shown. You can also rip CD tracks to MP3 or FLAC. Listening to your favorite online radio stations is also possible. The focus is on having fast control of all your music.

Operating Systems

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Raspberry Pi Support 03 Dec 2012

XiX Music Browser now compiles on Raspbian too.
A download is available for the ARM version of XiX Music Browser.

You will need an ARM Hard Flo...

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  •  15 Apr 2014 23:10

Release Notes: Better song text search. Full-screen media mode. Theming support. Better LAME configuration. Adds a third VU. Better PulseAudio support. The file created for artistinfo was opened twice and never closed (error creating thread). A Spanish translation. Reads OPUS and M4A tags. Edits/saves APE tags.

  •  24 Dec 2013 02:58

Release Notes: Edit and save Ogg/FLAC tags. Adds original artist, composer, and copyright to MP3/Ogg/FLAC id3 tags. Shows original artist and composer when playing. Shows the bitrate for Ogg files. Basic OPUS and APE support. Loading CD covers is threaded. Sound distortion on some Linux distributions is solved. Better Linux library support. Danish language support.

  •  23 Nov 2013 00:43

Release Notes: Support for APIC ID3-TAG (image inside MP3). A progress bar while loading files. An option to reload (ID3-Tags) files.

Release Notes: This is a Linux (i386), Linux (ARM -- Raspberry Pi), and OS X (Intel) build. It offers many bugfixes and feature updates.

  •  04 Nov 2013 03:41

Release Notes: Initial public test release using new source code. It is not stable and only for Linux.


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