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11 Oct 2001 00:36 fredlwm

Re: Can't install x-isp in Red Hat 6.2

> Any advice on how to proceed? I'm
> running Linux/Red Hat 6.2 with
> GNOME-1.0. All the above events were
> invoked via command line entries and w/o
> starting X (no windows).

Yes. Next time download the right version for
your RPM. If you can't install it, wait a few
days (or weeks ?) because XForms will be released
under the GPL (or another OpenSource license).
Then you compile it. Or download the .tar.gz from
the XForms site...

10 Oct 2001 09:29 casacruz

Can't install x-isp in Red Hat 6.2
Even though x-ISP is more then I required it has bells and whistles that are nice to have. I down loaded the x-ISP-2.6 tar file, untarred it, and read the required files: readme, install, and the makefile. I then checked to make certain my rh 6.2 system has the required files: ppp-2.2.x (have ppp-2.3.11), X11R6 (have XFree86 3.3.6-29), and xforms.

xforms is not included in rh 6.2. I down loaded xforms-089-2.i386.rpm and proceeded to install it using rpm -ivh. This error message appeared "only packages with major numbers <=3 are supported by this version of rpm. Error: xforms-089-2.i386.rpm cannot be installed." I have tried to "force" its installation but to no avail.

rh 6.2 has rpm-3.04 installed. The latest rpm version is 4.0.2 I've down loaded this version but I'm concerned that library problems will ensued if I install it and probably permanently hose the OS.

Any advice on how to proceed? I'm running Linux/Red Hat 6.2 with GNOME-1.0. All the above events were invoked via command line entries and w/o starting X (no windows).


30 Jan 2001 05:08 mstone

Simply amazing.. saves me from running a stupid bash shell script all the time to login online.. just had to update my Xforms and set it all up and I was up and running.. Thanks guys!

09 Jan 2000 14:16 pstrader

Very, Very, Nice
Thanks to X-isp, (and the reading of some How-To's) I'm making this comment from my Linux box. One more reason not to us another OS I'll not mention. Nice job, Dimitrios!

04 Aug 1999 04:30 jsimpson

I recieved an E-mail back from the author. Here is the content...

Netscape has this problem some times; it saves the file without
the ".gz" extension even though its still in "gzipped" form. You
can rename it to .gz if you wish, but you can also
leave it as is and use:

gzip -dc the_file_name | tar xvf -

which will unpack it properly. Read files README and INSTALL for
documentation and instructions. If you downloaded version 2.5p4,
please consider using the pre-17 beta of version 2.6 instead (get
that from

By naming it correctly when saving, the file saved and unpacks fine.


03 Aug 1999 01:24 jsimpson

I was very interrested in this program, but it appears that the file available for DL has become corrupted as of this date. I attempted to DL both the stable and the beta versions with the same lack of success. A file DOES download, but the header information appears to be corrupted. Also the filename of the resulting file is NOT the same as listed for downloading.

I have tried from multiple sites and all have given me the same results.

Is this a case of a corrupt archive having been distributed? I sent E-mail to the author requesting any info on this matter.


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