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Release Notes: BluRay support was added. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: VDPAU OSD handling was rewritten. The sndio plugin is now buildable. PulseAudio, JACK, and VDPAU were enabled on the HURD. Various bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release introduces incompatible ABI changes, requiring rebuilds of all frontends. Significant changes include VDPAU support, VDR support, XDG Base Directory Specification support, reduced memory usage, and removal of internal copies of ffmpeg, libcdio, and libvcd. Many other enhancements, bugfixes, and clean-ups were made.

  •  02 Jan 2012 22:43

Release Notes: Fixes were made for memory leaks, for problems related to unknown audio and subtitle languages, for the PVR plugin, and for various other minor bugs. The ImageMagick API usage was updated.

Release Notes: File and socket descriptors are now created with O_CLOEXEC. FFMpeg's support for AAC LATM audio was enabled. Header stripping support was added to the Matroska demuxer. MinGW builds were improved, and support for MinGW-w64 64-bit builds was introduced. GraphicsMagick can now be used in place of ImageMagick. Other bugfixes and enhancements were made. New translations were added.

  •  25 Jul 2010 20:51

Release Notes: A potential freeing of unallocated memory was fixed. Support for new audio file tags was added. Odd widths are now handled properly for ffmpeg-decoded video. Building with current libdvdnav and libdvdread was fixed. Support for Xv gamma adjustment was added. Support for the WebM container was added, while VP8 video is not handled yet. Several further fixes and enhancements were made.

  •  07 Mar 2010 23:27

Release Notes: The omission of a file required for DXR3 support was reverted. Compilation on systems with V4L2 but without V4L was fixed. Compilation with the (old, outdated, and deprecated) bundled ffmpeg library was fixed.

Release Notes: More meta information tags are supported, currently only for the OGG demuxer. Basic support for Quicktime Media Link (.qtl) was added. Support for WMA Pro was added. FLAC playback behavior was improved. Compiling with older FFMpeg sources was fixed. Several other minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release has improved Matroska support, various fixes for UTF-16 (typically affecting ID3 tags), a hack for Apple film trailers (qthttp://...), improved support for unencrypted files on BluRay discs, and better OpenBSD support (sndio). Several other improvements were made. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A possible integer overflow in the 4XM demuxer, reported as CVE-2009-0385, was resolved. An integer overflow in the Quicktime demuxer was fixed. A pause/resume freeze with pulseaudio was fixed. Support for a new MPEG2 decoder, libmpeg2new, was added. OpenBSD is now supported.


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