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Release Notes: This release introduces incompatible ABI changes, requiring rebuilds of all frontends. Significant changes include VDPAU support, VDR support, XDG Base Directory Specification support, reduced memory usage, and removal of internal copies of ffmpeg, libcdio, and libvcd. Many other enhancements, bugfixes, and clean-ups were made.

Release Notes: This release of the gxine frontend is a major overhaul. An optional separate window for windowed-mode controls was implemented. A keypad window was added. Tabs and a graphic equalizer were added to the settings window. Clipboard support was added to the playlist and media marks windows. Lirc support was improved. GNOME VFS support was added.

Release Notes: This version adds support for Matroska, Flash video, IFF, and Sierra VMD files, as well as tracker music formats (MOD/S3M/XM/IT/etc.). New decoders include Sierra video, Flash Video, Duck TrueMotion v1, 8BPS, MZSH, ZLIB, ASV1,2, ATI VCR1,and Real Video 2.0. Network drivers (secure HTTP, MMS, RTP/UDP) and video drivers (SDL and PGX32) have also been improved and enhanced, and there is a new video driver for CACA output (colored ASCII art).

Release Notes: This version, along with xine-lib 1-rc0 or newer, allows you to mirror your xine session within your network (i.e., start a "master server" and have one or mor "slaves" display the same stream). There is also a new configuration dialog (Video/Postprocessing/Chain Reaction) that allows you to configure video post-processing plugins, e.g. the advanced deinterlacer based on the tvtime project.

Release Notes: As there are no more required features for the official 1.0 release, the developers consider this release to be out of beta. Development is now focused on fixing the remaining bugs and updating documentation. As usual, there have been both bugfixes and new features. New features include a new "broadcast" mode (mirror audio/video on two, or possibly more, xine instances on the same network) and an advanced deinterlacer based on the tvtime project.

Release Notes: Freshly (im)ported from ffmpeg, this release finally has native support for Sorenson SVQ3 video. This means that you're finally able to watch the latest Quicktime trailers on any XINE-supported hardware platform, not just on x86. Other goodies in this release include support for Ogg Theora, playback of CDs/DVDs over the network, improved handling of MPEG-2 files (resyncing), and many detail improvements.

  •  01 Mar 2003 16:12

Release Notes: Besides a major code cleanup and the port to GTK 2.0, this new release brings a lot of new features and improvements such as the use of XML for playlists and other config files, a JavaScript engine for remote control and scritability, lirc support, a keybindings editor, and menu-selectable visualizations. The Mozilla plugin has also been upgraded and should now run in newer Mozilla builds and can emulate the Real Player and Quicktime plugins.

Release Notes: This release comes with a completely new additional frontend for the Linux framebuffer (fbxine). External subtitle files are supported with any media now (and the separator used to specify them has changed once again to "::"). As in 0.9.13, xine issues a warning if you try to play a stream using an unsupported codec. And for the eye candy fans, the skin downloader (launched by pressing Ctrl+d, if xine-ui was compiled with libcurl support) has a preview function. In addition to all this, there have been some bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release is a working prototype for the new "xine 1.0" API. Apart from the new API, many exotic file formats are supported, and the dvdnav plugin is now integrated, so xine can play back DVDs without installing extra plugins now (libdvdcss is still required).

Release Notes: Many engine improvements (better responsiveness, smoother playback), bugfixes, support for WMV 7/8 files, major SyncFB enhancements, and a new, improved config file format which will enable a GUI setup editor soon.


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