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XGlobe is a toy that displays a globe on your X desktop. Unlike xearth it uses a texture which is mapped on the globe and still works when switching virtual desktops in KDE.


Recent releases

  •  10 Sep 2002 14:41

    Release Notes: This release has been ported to Qt 3.x. The autoconf/aumomake of KDE 3.x is now used. KDE integration has been improved.

    •  12 Mar 2001 14:24

      Release Notes: This release uses autoconf (but not yet automake) using aclocal.m4 from kdetoys, changes things to avoid loading the markers list twice (basically changing marker_list in EarthApplication to a pointer and testing it), cleans the code a bit to avoid char * cast by using QString::latin1() (this has the side effect to have Label work again under QT2.2; it should re-cast to work back in QT1.x), modifies marker.xpm to avoid warnings (const now), and corrects a bug in renderer.cpp:1447 which prevented markers from being painted due to the alpha channel QT2[.2].

      •  10 Dec 1999 15:03

        Release Notes: The globe can now be rotated and support for cloud maps has been added.

        •  19 Sep 1999 21:39

          Release Notes: Bugfixes in the moon position code and a "-shade_area" switch.

          •  07 Aug 1999 02:54

            Release Notes: Bugfix release. (Command line is now parsed correctly.)


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