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XGGI is a partly accelerated and fully multihead-capable X server which uses LibGGI to do hardware-independent graphics and input. It supports 8, 15, 16, 24, and 32 bit modes on any LibGGI target that has a pixellinear DirectBuffer, and should run in any resolution the target can support. XGGI has been successfully tested on the X, fbdev, svga, DGA, lcd823, and tile targets.


Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2006 21:44

    Release Notes: This release is based on Xorg X11R7.0. IPv6 support was added. Mouse wheels are supported. Backing store is 100% accelerated. Many window operations are accelerated. New hardware and operating systems are now supported.

    •  15 Oct 2000 21:30

      Release Notes: This is a long-due maintenance release of XGGI 1.6. It now uses XFree 3.3.6 as its base. It doesn't try to open a new VT by default when running on a console-based target (this used to cause problems when running XGGI without any root privileges). Italian, Polish, and Norwegian keymaps have been added. Save and restore can now be done with all screens in a multihead configuration upon VT switching.

      •  16 May 1999 22:21

        Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release with some keyboard updates, support for the -bpp commandline option for XFree compability, and experimental support for 1bpp (mono) modes. LibGGI 2.0beta2.1 is recommended as it contains major improvements for the fbdev and svga targets as well as some keyboard fixes.

        •  02 Apr 1999 09:20

          Release Notes: Multihead support, updated for LibGGI 2.0beta2 (required now), support for killing the server with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, accelerated rectangle fills using ggiDrawBox(), server now has a working default keymap, server is not halted and screen contents are not lost on VT switches, license is now MIT-style, cleaner diff against XFree sources, and building on non-Linux platforms should now work.


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