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08 Jul 2008 03:22 mmo

Re: OSX build failure
Try adding the "struct" word before the "flock" work.

08 Jul 2008 02:00 bonezed

Re: OSX build failure

> A long time ago a friend compiled it

> under OS X. What problem did you

> encounter?

g++ -c -I. -I/usr/X11R6/include -s -DHIGH_SCORES_FILE=.xgalaga++.scores -Wall -ansi -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -o posix_stream.o In member function ‘int PosixBuf::Lock(short int) const’: error: expected `;' before ‘lk’ warning: statement is a reference, not call, to function ‘flock’ warning: statement has no effect error: ‘lk’ was not declared in this scope

make: *** [posix_stream.o] Error 1

16 Jun 2008 02:51 mmo

A long time ago a friend compiled it under OS X. What problem did you encounter?

16 Jun 2008 02:30 bonezed

anybody know how to get this working on OSX (Leopard)?

11 Mar 2004 02:19 mmo

Re: Still problems in hi-scores
I think you are using the precompiled binary, are you?
The problem with this binary is that it saves the high scores file in the user home directory (ie each user has full access to its own high scores file).

You can solve this problem by installing from sources. Before building the program, you should edit the Makefile (look for installprefix, HIGH_SCORES_FILE and EXE_GROUP variables). Mail me if you need help.

Or you can install Debian and use the .deb file. :-)

08 Mar 2004 20:00 Mind_Booster_Noori

Still problems in hi-scores
Hi there,

I've just sen your last release and I've really liked it...
The problem is that hi-scores file is -still- in plain text, which makes hi-scores file preety useless... :-(

Can you please save hi-scores in some binary or encrypted or whatever mode?

Mind Booster Noori

23 Jan 2004 17:20 mmo

Re: Hi-Score

1) No way.
Using a scrambled file format (instead of ASCII) is just security by obscurity: complicated and uneffective.
To prevent the file from being edited by anyone, you have to set the correct access permission to the game and the high scores file; for instance:
-rwxr-sr-x 1 root games 170052 jan 19 15:46 /usr/games/xgalaga++
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root games 50 jan 21 03:51 /var/games/xgalaga++.scores

Of course you have to trust the person who has rw access (in this case root, but it could be another user).
You always has to trust someone.:-)

2) Note that the name should already be added to the score (copied from /etc/passwd). Is it working? Or do you want to save a pseudo ?

To begin, I think I'll add a command line option for this (easier to code). Then, when time permits, I'll add an interactive high score screen.

21 Jan 2004 10:56 Mind_Booster_Noori

Hi there...

I see that you have now support to hi-scores, but could you...

1) Save the hi-scores file as data and not as ASCII? (so noone can edit the file?)
2) Let winners add their name with the score?


19 Jan 2004 08:10 mmo

Re: Awsome
High scores added. Do you need anything else?

12 Dec 2003 18:36 Mind_Booster_Noori

Hi there...

I'm a xgalaga addict, and I tested xgalaga++... Wow, awsome!

I really liked the game, much better then xgalaga... Problem is that I play xgalaga with friends and we share scores, compete with ourselves... And xgalaga++ doesn't have scores :-(

So PLEASE can you add hi-scores to the next release?

Thanks there and keep the good work,
Mind Booster Noori


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