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  •  03 Nov 2002 15:48

Release Notes: XForms 1.0 and gcc 3.x support have been added, and there are various bugfixes.

  •  14 Jan 2002 22:52

Release Notes: Better mcrypt detection on Mandrake, removal of debugging symbols, fixes to LDAP, PGP, and IMAP bugs, IMAP tweaks and compatibility patches, and the start of a move from RFC 822 to RFC 2822-conformance.

  •  02 Oct 2001 15:37

Release Notes: This release will not prompt for a passphrase on a VRFYFL operation, has PGP passphrase timer expiration, and will reprompt on bad passphrases. There are fixes for the print header config, FreeBSD compiling isues, config trashing on kill -9, various rule bugs, and Debian X11 Headers. It has configurable Re:/Fwd:, the Faces warning dialog has been removed, IMAP Trash cleans upon exit now, the clean_exit() procedures have been reworked, it no longer crashes upon exit if you are in IMAP trash, and there is an option to disable the unknown charset warning.

  •  07 Feb 2001 10:56

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release, and the first made available under the GPL.


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