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Release Notes: This release adds support for the 7zip archive format. Some minor bugs have been fixed. The German, Spanish, and Hungarian translations have been updated.

  •  03 Jul 2008 17:19

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and annoyances.

  •  11 Jun 2008 12:27

Release Notes: This release fixes a severe bug that occurred when building Xfe on Fedora Linux. The Swedish translation was also updated.

Release Notes: A new, complete KDE icon theme, a new path linker above file lists, and a new rounded gradient control theme for buttons. Several new useful options have also been added to the Preferences dialog. Many translation have been updated and completed: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Japanese. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  12 Sep 2007 05:13

Release Notes: This release first fixes many minor bugs and a severe crash bug that occurred when copying files between panels. More customizations have also been added to the Preferences dialog. Chinese and Czech translations have been updated.

Release Notes: This release mainly adds support for copying, cutting, and pasting files between different Xfe windows and between Xfe and other desktops (GNOME, KDE, and XFCE). A lot of bugs have been fixed and many features have been polished. Swedish and Chinese translations have been added.

Release Notes: This release mainly introduces an optional single click mode for file navigation. The file date is now preserved when copying files, and a new option to list files and directories without separating was added. Some crash bugs were fixed, and Czech and German translations were updated.

  •  21 Feb 2007 10:59

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash bug in the file association dialog and some minor bugs. A self-extractable binary package (for Linux Intel computers) has also been added.

  •  13 Feb 2007 16:09

Release Notes: This release mainly fixes a serious crash bug and some minor bugs. The Czech language translation has also been updated.

Release Notes: The major improvement in this release is UTF-8 support through the FOX 1.6 library. A lot of minor improvements have also been introduced: a new simple text editor called xfw, icon themes support, root mode, back and forward directory navigation, support for Debian packages, etc. The configuration scheme has been changed and simplified, and is more in line with Linux standards.


Project Spotlight


A data munging language.


Project Spotlight

hamsterdb Embedded Storage

A fast and portable database engine written in ANSI-C.