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  •  03 Sep 2006 09:07

Release Notes: Parse file:-URIs are dropped to a Terminal window properly and formatted so they can be used in shell commands directly. This release uses the thumbnail preview support for the background image selection that was added with exo '~' has been added to the default word characters.

  •  19 Mar 2005 15:46

Release Notes: You can now open URLs from the terminal window. Two new advanced options have been added (MiscCycleTabs and MiscTabCloseButtons). The shortcuts to jump to a specific terminal tab work properly now, even if the menubar is hidden. The configuration file is watched for changes and will be reloaded automatically. Both D-BUS 0.23 and D-BUS 0.3x are supported now. New translations (fi, he, ja, ru, and zh_CN) are available.

  •  30 Dec 2004 03:41

Release Notes: Users can now switch to a specific terminal tab using configurable keyboard shortcuts. Scrolling up/down by one line is now possible using Shift+Up/Down keys. Terminal tabs can be detached from a window. Multi-screen mode is now supported properly by Terminal (if you use the patched Vte version). Several other bugs and glitches have been addressed. There is also support for three new languages (en_GB, zh_TW, and es).

  •  02 Dec 2004 12:26

Release Notes: This release contains several performance improvements. Font anti-aliasing can now be turned off. Session management support was added. Multi-screen mode is supported. Right-click now works with terminal applications that support it. Startup notification data is now passed properly to the Terminal service. The menu access key can be disabled. The flickering when opening a new terminal was fixed. The preferences dialog is accessible now. The whole user interface was reworked to comply with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. Several other minor enhancements and bugfixes have been made.

  •  13 Nov 2004 22:31

Release Notes: This release features fully customizable toolbars, a bunch of new icons, support for different background image styles, and several bugfixes. Besides that, the online documentation was updated and a complete new installer is available.

  •  12 Oct 2004 14:09

Release Notes: The configure option --enable-final now enables linker optimizations for platforms that support it (a recent GNU binutils is required). The UI description is now installed as a separate file, to allow users rudimentary customization of their menus.

  •  01 Oct 2004 14:24

Release Notes: Two bugs that were discovered after 0.1.7 have been fixed. Dutch and French translations have been added.

  •  30 Sep 2004 11:00

Release Notes: New, better looking icons. Online documentation has been finished. The TERM environment variable is configurable now to work around differences in termcaps. The color palette used by terminal applications is configurable now. The background color is also used for tinting.

Release Notes: A bug that made mc appear in black and white only was fixed. Documentation was added, available through the menu Help->Contents. The compact mode functionality was split up into two options, so it's now possible to toggle the visibility of the menubar and the window decorations independently. New icons for Open Terminal and Open Tab were added. Custom command functionality was removed from Terminal, because it is rather useless. Translations now work the way they are expected to work.


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