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XEO (eXtensible Enterprise Objects) is an agile development framework designed for creating Web applications built around Object Oriented concepts and Model Driven Development with Java. You model business entities (including their attributes and behavior) as XEO Models which are then processed by the framework's "Builder". This produces the application's supporting structures such as database tables (to persist data) and Java classes (providing object-relational mapping and behavior). Development is supported by an Eclipse plugin called XEOStudio.

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Release Notes: Support for the PostGreSQL database. A new and improved GridPanel (with multi-groups, instance preview, and saved views). Themes (skins) and new types of layouts. This version also brings important corrections to provide the framework with better stability and improved performance. The XEO Studio development environment was also updated with important corrections (namely to support development in Mac OS) and several new features to speed up development.

  •  07 May 2011 10:02

    Release Notes: Initial release.


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    Project Spotlight

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