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11 Nov 2007 13:02 gvy

"and since kept up to ate"
Please fix the typo in description so we vim users won't smile that bad upon noticing :-)


X Eighty Megabytes And Constant Swapping

01 Jun 2002 19:59 bcrowell

my favorite editor
Xemacs is the editor I use every day. I'm happy with it. One big plus is that excellent documentation is available, e.g., O'Reilly's Learning GNU Emacs. My main complaint is that Perl mode is buggy. It also has some strange behaviors, like demanding your e-mail address the first time you use it in html mode. There are some features that don't seem to work as documented.

06 Sep 2001 10:57 Hattig

Re: Any plans to support KDE/Qt?

> I'd love to see it!

So would I - I am compiling the GTK version of XEmacs
right now on FreeBSD (21.4.4) to see what it can do.
However, KDE integration would be nice to have.

I suppose it is just down to finding a person who knows
both XEmacs internals and KDE internals to do it...

17 Apr 2001 12:15 bknotts

Any plans to support KDE/Qt?
I'd love to see it!


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