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13 Nov 2002 20:20 gotr00t

Good concept, difficult to compile
Although I like the concept that XDirectFB offers, I
find it very hard to install. Translucent windows
could be very useful, but, installation requires
making a complete compilation of XC, which is
pretty much all of the X server. I really think that
this is overkill, and as XC is very large, it took me
a long time to download just to find out that in the
middle of installation, it just fails.

I would like to see this as a module or extension of
X. That would be far more convinent. I know I'll be
looking for this in the future.

30 May 2002 02:17 reduz

No NVIDIA support it seems.
From what i read on the page (as for version 0.9.10),
there is no nvidia support for acceleration :(


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