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XDirectFB is a rootless X Server using DirectFB Windows for X11 toplevel windows. This way the opacity of every application can be adjusted with your mouse wheel. Window movements are initiated by the application or the window manager. The graphical movement is done by DirectFB using the available hardware acceleration. Overlapping toplevel windows does not cause expose events, i.e. redrawing of the window contents, as they are DirectFB windows and therefore have an own surface, or backing store.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jun 2003 21:55

    Release Notes: This release adds synchronization between X Selection and DirectFB Clipboard, DPMS support, and initial DGA support (keyboard and mouse).

    •  28 Feb 2003 21:52

      Release Notes: ARGB cursor support has been added. GLX works now (software only). Shadows are now generated for old X cursors. Accelerated CopyArea and background clearing have been added. Some important bugs have been fixed.

      •  13 Nov 2002 02:11

        Release Notes: This release includes keyboard-related bugfixes and a small fix to get GNOME2 and KDE working (32bit pixmaps were missing for XRender).

        •  05 Jun 2002 13:40

          Release Notes: New keyboard handling was implemented, with complete Latin-1 support. This solves several problems which were caused by the abnormal keymap. New features include optional root window support, clean shutdowns, accelerated rectangle filling, and window appearance fixes.

          •  25 Apr 2002 23:18

            Release Notes: This is a complete rewrite of XDirectFB, derived from XDarwin using the XFree CVS tree.

            Recent comments

            13 Nov 2002 20:20 gotr00t

            Good concept, difficult to compile
            Although I like the concept that XDirectFB offers, I
            find it very hard to install. Translucent windows
            could be very useful, but, installation requires
            making a complete compilation of XC, which is
            pretty much all of the X server. I really think that
            this is overkill, and as XC is very large, it took me
            a long time to download just to find out that in the
            middle of installation, it just fails.

            I would like to see this as a module or extension of
            X. That would be far more convinent. I know I'll be
            looking for this in the future.

            30 May 2002 02:17 reduz

            No NVIDIA support it seems.
            From what i read on the page (as for version 0.9.10),
            there is no nvidia support for acceleration :(


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