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xCover is a code coverage library for C and C++. It uses non-standard features available with GCC 4.3+ and Visual C++ 7.0+. Users place line-marks in each branch of each function or method in a component's source file, and the library is able to produce, upon request, a report of which of these has not been executed. Reporting can be done on a per-file, per-alias, or per-file-group basis.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2010 07:50

    Release Notes: This version adds better discrimination of compiler support for __FUNCTION__ and __COUNTER__.

    •  03 Feb 2010 23:22

      Release Notes: This release fixes a namespace defect encountered in C compilation units, and removes inappropriate optimization settings from debug configurations in Visual C++ makefiles.

      •  08 Feb 2009 12:49

        Release Notes: This release adds functions for translating API return codes into strings and corresponding string access shims so that they can be passed directly to, say, FastFormat output statements. It also adds an example corresponding to code in the article in the March 09 installment of ACCU's C Vu journal on the library.

        •  03 Jan 2009 17:31

          Release Notes: This initial public release requires GCC 4.3+ or Visual C++ 7.0+, and relies on version 1.9.65+ of the STLSoft libraries.


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