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13 Jun 2005 23:20 shockzor

XChat 80x15 button
I made a 80x15 button for XChat.
Button (

04 Jan 2000 11:58 shaman

1.3.10 still fails
Undefined Symbol

First referenced in file

28 Dec 1999 13:35 julianm

Slow new text widget
The new text widget is a good idea, and I like it - except that it's so slow. Specifically it needs to redraw a lot faster, as fast as the normal GTK widget, if it's not to be a real annoyance.

08 Dec 1999 10:53 shaman

Fails to compile on Solaris
This version (1.3.8) fails to compile on solaris with a setenv.o error.

27 Aug 1999 01:35 josemazzone

Version 1.1.9 is already out
Try here:

Indeed i think this IRC client is great.
Keep up the good work! :)


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