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06 Feb 2004 04:48 ericmartin

Very nice, but...
... if it support the ripping (Audio CD -> mp3) and mp3 to audio CD functions in the future, this will be perfect!!!

Thanks for the GTK2 interface. Great peace of software!

08 Feb 2003 21:22 winsurfn

this has to be the best
gnu license, rpm install, best little cd burning front end around.
tried a few from here, this one wins hands-down

29 Dec 2001 01:50 djMunds

Not too shabby
I was mostly quite impressed with this program. It was the first CD writing software I tried and compares well to the Windows programs I have seen.

Despite opinions common on IRC I found the program to be very stable and did everything that I wanted, not killing a single CD.

The only thing that made me seek another program was the inability to burn an audio CD from MP3's, and creation of audio CD's from .wav files proved difficult to figure out.

02 Dec 2001 00:40 jefffreedm

Very nice application. I've looked at quite a few in the search for the perfect Linux CD-writing software. This one has few external requirements, really just GTK+, and the author did an excellent job making the layouts look good. Plus, this program does pretty much everything I want to do, and has an elegant interface for doing them.

Also, the handling of user permissions is excellent, as is the description of how to set things up properly.


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