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XCard is a Leitner based French flashcard program, used to help students memorize French words. It comes with several default word lists, ranging from verb lists, to vocabulary associated with airplane travel. It has the capability to repeat lesser known words, graph a student's progress, translate words to French, and to create new word lists. It is deployed via Java Webstart, and can be run from the XCard homepage.


Recent releases

  •  31 Dec 2004 19:56

    Release Notes: The icons were updated, and there are several small improvements to the user interface. The fonts are now consistent across the application, and some bugs were fixed with the user's default directory.

    •  16 Nov 2004 19:25

      Release Notes: This release updates the certificates for all downloaded jar files. Some of the translations of the buttons have been updated. The help page has been updated to point to the new Web site. This version supports languages other than French.

      •  03 May 2002 15:17

        Release Notes: In this release, a NullPointerException was fixed in the translation and the kunststoff look and feel was updated. A new word list that contains irregular verbs in the future tense was added.

        •  14 Feb 2002 05:30

          Release Notes: In this release, the Kunststoff look and feel was added, and can be accessed via the preferences. Choosing Default look and feel uses the system look and feel. A bug was fixed where XCard did not remember the volume preference. 'Le corps humain' was added to the default word list and more widgets were localized.

          •  11 Dec 2001 22:37

            Release Notes: This release can pronounce words in French from the Translation Tab. The sound volume is now configurable from the preferences menu item. More translations of the widgets to French were added, as well as an icon for when the application is iconified.


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