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Release Notes: This release contains a long awaited feature: RSA signed repositories. Plus the standard set of bugfixes and miscellaneous performance improvements.

Release Notes: Detection of broken reverse dependencies in package updates. Support for finding reverse dependencies in repository mode (even with virtual packages). Relaxed memory usage on 64-bit platforms. Performance improvements. External libfetch and proplib are no longer required. Some bugs and memory leaks were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds multiple performance changes and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This version includes major performance improvements and multi-thread support in xbps-pkgdb(8) and xbps-rindex(8). xbps-create(8) gained support for storing hard links. Dynamic generation of reverse dependencies and much more.

Release Notes: This release adds new utilities replacing xbps-bin(8) and xbps-repo(8): xbps-install(8), xbps-pkgdb(8), xbps-query(8), xbps-reconfigure(8), xbps-remove(8), and xbps-rindex(8). It adds major performance improvements, new package metadata format, and multiple bugfixes.

Release Notes: xbps-create(8): a new utility to create binary packages from an existing directory. Performance improvements. Fixes for xbps-repo(8) search. Improvements for xbps-bin(8) and xbps-repo(8).

Release Notes: Support for new features: conflicts, packages on hold, softreplace, xbps-repo cachedir clean, etc. Performance improvements, API simplification and cleanups, etc.

Release Notes: This release starts a Kyua testsuite for libxbps, adds a new test for the xbps-bin(8) "check" target, and adds multiple bugfixes and performance improvements.

Release Notes: Major performance improvements, new features, bugfixes, etc.

Release Notes: A new configuration file format, faster unpacking, new checks for package integrity, multiple performance improvements, new options for xbps-bin(8) and xbps-repo(8), a cleaned up API in preparation to start the packagekit backend, and more.


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