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xBaK is a fan-made remake of the classic Sierra computer RPG "Betrayal at Krondor". It is a game engine that uses the data files that came with the original game by Sierra Online. You must already have your own copy, since the required data files are not distributed with xBaK. The game is still under development. The intro, the option dialogs, and the main game dialog are finished, but the game is not yet playable. Several tools for examining the contents of the data files are also available.

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  •  17 Feb 2010 23:34

Release Notes: This release brings the story book reader. It also features some improvements to displaying animations and moving around works more smoothly. From now on, xBaK is licensed under the GPL v3.

  •  01 Sep 2009 20:23

    Release Notes: This release features enhancements to the 3D engine. Some support for joysticks was added, but this still requires testing. Reading BOK files is vastly improved. Some memory leaks and bugs are fixed.

    •  24 Oct 2007 12:57

    Release Notes: This release features improvements to the inventory dialog. Dragging and dropping inventory items now actually works. A utility is added to convert some of the data files into more standard formats.

    •  17 Jun 2007 05:33

    Release Notes: The inventory dialog now properly shows the inventory items, including the equiped items. The inventory items can be dragged around. The inventory can loaded from saved games.

    •  29 Mar 2007 12:20

    Release Notes: The preferences dialog is now completed, although not every individual setting is entirely effective. The preferences are loaded on startup, and saved when changed.


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    A video conversion tool.


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    Lilith Logback event viewer

    A logging and access event viewer for Logback.