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14 Nov 2002 04:02 jcurbo

Re: Finally an Albumlist replacement (almost)
I'm not sure about the SMB thing; I had a problem at first loading my mp3 directories which are stored on an NTFS partition, but I fixed it with a certain flag to File::Find. I seem to not have updated the page when I did this, so I bumped the version number to 0.3. See if that fixes it..

About the directories not being saved, check the file ~/.xalbumlistrc, which should be a list of directories.

02 Nov 2002 23:58 n8wood

Finally an Albumlist replacement (almost)
I've been looking for an Albumlist replacement ever since I made the switch to Linux 4 months ago... Xalubumlist seems to be what I'm looking for.

I tried it out, but I'm having one major setback. When I load my default path, Xalbumlist grabs only 5 of my mp3 directories (there should be hundreds of them). Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the folder is a mounted SMB share?

I went through my entire list of albums and loaded the folders manually which worked for me. Unfortunately when exited and restarted Xalbumlist, my list was no longer there.

Do you have any advice? I appreciate your help and the fact that you made this app available to the world.


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