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x11vnc allows one to remotely view and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display corresponding to a physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with any VNC viewer. It is designed to be compatible with all Unix variants and Mac OS X, and depends on a small set of standard libraries. It supports SSL/TLS and VeNCrypt encryption, Unix password logins, single port access, Zeroconf, file transfer, and UltraVNC extensions. It is part of the LibVNCServer project.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2011 04:28

    Release Notes: Improved support for non-X11 touchscreen devices, such as the Qtmoko Neo Freerunner, is provided. Interaction with the TSLIB touchscreen library is supported. The non-X11 input injection methods on Linux are extended to potentially handle more devices. The Mac OS X native server now uses OpenGL for the screen pixel capture which is usually much faster than the older method. Unix sockets and raw stdio (i.e. non-TCP/socket) connections are enabled. The SSL enabled Java VNC Viewer now handles mouse wheel events.

    •  10 Sep 2010 16:11

      Release Notes: A compile time error when using --with-system-libvncserver to point to LibVNCServer 0.9.7 was fixed. A bug from the forced use of Xdefs.h is worked around. The kdm display manager is now detected when trying not to get killed by the display manager. One can now specify the maximum number of displays that can be created in -create mode via X11VNC_CREATE_MAX_DISPLAYS.

      •  09 Aug 2010 03:14

        Release Notes: The SSL enabled Java VNC Viewer Makefile has been modified so that the jar files that are built are compatible back to Java 1.4. In -create/-unixpw mode, the environment variable FD_USERPREFS may be set to a filename in the user's home directory that includes default username:options values (so the options do not need to be typed every time at the login prompt). The source tree is synchronized with the most recent libvncclient. The correct header files are now used when an external LibVNCServer is used.

        •  03 May 2010 13:11

          Release Notes: IPv6 is now supported for all usage modes. A demo CGI script, "desktop.cgi", shows how to create an SSL-encrypted, multi-user x11vnc Web login desktop service. The included SSL-enabled Java VNC viewer applet supports Chained SSL Certificates. A Java Viewer applet parameter allows one to specify a VNC server's certificate. The Xdummy utility no longer requires being run as root.

          •  21 Dec 2009 17:19

            Release Notes: A system greeter option enables jumping directly to the GDM/KDM login panel for one's initial unixpw login. x11vnc now avoids GDM's attempts to kill it just after the user logs in. A simple application sharing mode showing multiple windows is enabled via -appshare. XAUTHORITY filename guessing is enabled via -findauth and '-auth guess'. The -stunnel mode now supports most of the -ssl features. Workarounds are enabled for bugs in Xorg and GNOME that cause the Xorg server to crash. x11vnc keeps up with viewer update requests more aggressively. Fonts may be changed for the GUI.

            Recent comments

            12 Jan 2006 21:24 welshpjw

            Great work!
            This is so handy to have for already running X11 sessions. Even more handy for older Xterminals that can't do this on thier own!

            Thank you very much!

            13 Apr 2005 09:10 runge

            Looking for beta-testers for x11vnc-0.7.2
            Hi, any beta-testing of 0.7.2 would be much appreciated, more info at:


            02 Sep 2004 05:57 sn

            This is an awesome program. I really missed the possibility of connecting with the VNC client to an already running X11 server. Thanks much!

            28 Jun 2004 21:26 runge

            Looking for beta testers for -scale option.
            I'm not sure who will see this, but what the heck...

            I'm the x11vnc author, I've just added server-side

            scaling to x11vnc (-scale fraction option), and I'd

            appreciate anyone who will help me test it out for bugs.

            It might be on the slow side, I'm not so worried about

            that as much as painting errors or very poor image

            quality. The new file in the sourceforge libvncserver CVS

            and also at

            See the FAQ on scaling for more info. Thanks.


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