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X10dev GUI

This Java Client demonstrates the simplicity of creating a remote control Web-based client/server for home automation control with the WiSH x10dev drivers. The package includes a socket server which runs on the same machine as the x10dev drivers. Java clients are provided which emulate the SmartHome PowerSynnapse tool, emulate the HomeControl GUI, and create a new graphical tool for using a SmartHome Templinc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2004 19:16

    Release Notes: This release includes small enhancements to the x10home application, as well as refinement of the XML class to include exceptions in the base class.

    •  06 Aug 2004 06:40

      Release Notes: This version adds an XML class used to write and read the configuration in a simple XML format. It also adds better management of the onscreen objects such that there is better control over the configuration and use of each X10 device. The approach to creation of a new device as well as editing a device has been cleaned up so that the process is much more straightforward.

      •  22 Jul 2004 04:18

        Release Notes: This version added x10templinc, a dedicated applet for displaying the temperature as reported from a X10 Templinc sensor in the form of both a thermometer and a graph. It also made a change from using a comma delimited configuration file to a simple XML reader/writer in a reusable class that can be used by any applet to manage a file or Web-based configuration. The primary application, x10home, was changed to have a better abstract model of the objects on the screen in preparation for adding new X10 devices to the application.

        •  19 Aug 2003 05:41

          Release Notes: This version adds support for the SmartHome TempLinc (Model 1625).

          •  15 Mar 2003 22:44

            Release Notes: Minor updates were made to add shortcut keys and automatic discovery of switches. The package will listen to the X10 network and create new switches as they are heard on the network. This release also contains minor improvments to the icons and user interface. The HTML help file is now separate from the wish project and included in the distribution.


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