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x10bot Home Automation Daemon

x10bot is a home automation daemon for the x10 CM11A appliance controller and accessories under Linux. It quietly listens to the x10 CM11A and executes TCL commands and scripts when events happen. x10bot also provides for remote telnet access to send and/or monitor events.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2002 05:04

    Release Notes: This version adds an EVAL telnet command which will execute the rest of the line as a TCL command, and there are now user defined commands added via the 'addcommand' TCL command which accept optional arguments. Some x10bot TCL commands added a \n to the result when they shouldn't have, which has been fixed. A 'getschedules' TCL command was added.

    •  31 Oct 2001 05:37

      Release Notes: -quiet, -thread and -repeat options added to all TCL scheduling commands. How schedule commands return schedule handles was changed to allow for schedule_exists command to be added, and schedule_exists TCL command was added. Sunrise and sunset telnet commands were added and return the respective information. Binding aliases for 'all' and 'lights' added so that bind can be used for 'all units off' and 'all lights on/off'.

      •  28 Aug 2001 16:52

        Release Notes: The timeout values were increased to allow for longer dims and brights.

        •  28 Aug 2001 16:51

          Release Notes: tcl_dim and tcl_bright were fixed. Telnet dim and bright were added. An interface to sendmail was added.

          •  28 Aug 2001 16:49

            Release Notes: The 'toseconds' command was added, and the patch files were corrected.


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