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X10 is a type-safe, modern, parallel, distributed object-oriented language intended to be very easily accessible to Java programmers. It is targeted to future low-end and high-end systems with nodes that are built out of multi-core SMP chips with non-uniform memory hierarchies, and interconnected in scalable cluster configurations. X10 highlights the explicit reification of locality in the form of places; lightweight activities embodied in async, future, foreach, and ateach constructs; constructs for termination detection and phased computation; the use of lock-free synchronization; and the manipulation of global arrays and data structures.


Recent releases

  •  10 Jan 2007 16:27

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  21 Feb 2006 23:03

      Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs in the code generator for atomic sections. The type checker was improved substantially and now works for simple distribution operations. In addition to the X10 compiler front-end and interpreter backend, a new backend that generates C code was started. The new C backend already supports constants, (virtual) calls, exceptions, branches, allocation, and get/put operations.

      •  02 Feb 2006 07:06

        Release Notes: This release fixes many small bugs in the code generator and adds improved support for various X10 constructs. Specifically, integers can now be specified in hex or octal, exploded syntax can be used with functions, and normal method arguments and assertion failures are now reported with line number information. The system can now interpret standard benchmarks such as linpack. Memory requirements were reduced; in particular some huge leaks in the test suite were fixed.

        •  17 Jan 2006 09:03

          Release Notes: This release adds support for all X10 synchronization constructs (clocks, atomics, conditional atomics, finish, and await). Support for assert, pre-, and post- increments on array accesses was added. Lazy evaluation is now used for boolean expressions. The run-time library was extended to include Random, ArrayList, and Math. Various bugs, in particular with respect to exception handling, were fixed.

          •  06 Jan 2006 11:38

            Release Notes: This release focused on improving type system support and added generics in the style of Scala, flow-sensitive verification, and improved support for nullable. New features included passing of command-line options to X10 programs and static fields and initializers.


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