x0 is a low-latency scalarable HTTP Web server and framework written in C++11, supporting CGI, FastCGI, reverse proxying, SSL + SNI, advanced HTTP & FastCGI load balancing, systemd socket activation, and more.

Operating Systems

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  •  13 Aug 2012 21:48

    Release Notes: A new advanced & dynamic Load Balancer plugin (major feature). Stability and API Improvements. A new basic authentication plugin.

    •  16 Apr 2011 18:19

      Release Notes: A JIT-compiling configuration system was added. Threaded worker mode and CPU/core affinity binding per worker were added. A fastcgi plugin was added. An SSL plugin was added, including SNI support. Man pages were added for x0d and x0d.conf. x0d instant mode was added, which lets you invoke x0d without configuration from the command line. PATHINFO is supported in the cgi and fastcgi plugins. rrd, status, and browser matching plugins were added. The I/O and core API were improved. CGI support was improved. systemd is supported, including socket-based activation. Bugs were fixed.


      Project Spotlight

      Query Interface

      A Wordpress plugin for running database queries in the admin panel.


      Project Spotlight

      HTML Forms generation and validation

      A PHP class to dynamically generate and validate HTML forms.