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X-Unikey is a tool that lets you type Vietnamese in an X Window environment. It has been tested with many popular programs such as OpenOffice, emacs, vim, QT, and GTK applications. It has all the features of Unikey, the Windows version, except that its GUI is simplified. All options are set through configuration file or keyboard shortcuts.

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  •  06 May 2006 12:03

Release Notes: Lots of bugs found in the Windows version were fixed. The inability to type double decorated characters like o^', a^` in GTK applications was fixed. Enhancements from the Windows version were merged, such as smart typing u+o+ and auto-restore. Typing dd (d-) even in a non-Vn sequence if d is not preceeded by a vowel is now allowed. New options include EnableSpellCheck (which defaults to "Yes") and AutoRestoreNonVn (which defaults to "No"). UTF-8 is used for macro files instead of VIQR.

Release Notes: This release was unified with Unikey. Some bugs were fixed, including an array out of range error in macro matching that caused the engine to crash. Some unused options were removed.


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