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Release Notes: This release features some bugfixes in various modules, minor features added to others, and a new Checkpoint logger daemon, which is needed by the firewall logging module.

Release Notes: The module FW log analyser has been added. It is to be used only with exported Checkpoint Firewall logs, for now.

Release Notes: Major feature enhancements and bugfixes were made. This is the first release of the new 0.6.xx branch. A new Policy Manager module is included (not useable for now, but provided to give an overview of it).

Release Notes: This version features a lot of bugfixes and the introduction of a new module, the X-Itools Policy Manager.

Release Notes: Optimizations have been provided on language translations. Most of the work is focused on X-Itools holiday manager, namely the implementation of the X-Itools domain feature. Profiles managment was introduced, making it possible to have several vacation and RTT profiles for a specific country of a specific domain. The X-Itools daemon was created, and is responsible for day to day operations. All modules now use a specific configuration file which is located in /etc. The administration module has been redesigned: a new tab was added to manage countries and give you versioning information.


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