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wxFreeChart is powerful charting library based on wxWidgets. It is designed with flexibility in mind, and supports many types of charts with many different configurations. These include line/histogram charts base on x/y coordinates, bar charts (vertical or horizontal), stacked bar charts, layered bar charts, OHLC financial charts (bars or candlesticks), pie charts, bubble charts, and Gantt charts.

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Upcoming 1.7 release 25 Dec 2011

wxFreeChart new 1.7 release is scheduled to january-february 2012.

It will have many improments and new features:
1. Axes improments
2. Crossh...

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  •  15 Feb 2010 18:34

Release Notes: wxChartSplitPanel has been added, it works with multiple plots, and add/remove/resize support. XYDynamicDataset has been added. Basic markers support has been added. The documentation has been updated. The website has been updated.

  •  26 Jan 2010 18:30

Release Notes: Logarithmic axes have been added. There is an updated demo. DLL export problems have been fixed. The documentation has been updated. This is the first stable wxFreeChart release.

  •  17 Dec 2009 18:26

Release Notes: Methods to access axis-dataset links were added to AxisPlot and Axis. Bugs in XYLineRenderer and XYAreaRenderer were fixed. An XYLineStepRenderer class was added. Initial combined axes support was added.

  •  05 Dec 2009 20:41

Release Notes: Antialiasing was added. Axis improvements were made by adding vertical text for labels. The API was changed to replace int with size_t for indexes. Many cleanups and bugfixes were made.

  •  01 Dec 2009 14:57

    Release Notes: Support for xy datasets was added to OHLCPlot. XYSimpleDataset, CategorySimpleDataset, and GanttSimpleDataset classes were added. Many refactoring changes were made. Many bugs were fixed. The documentation was updated. Time series, multiple axis, and combined axis demos were added.


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