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WxExtLib is a C++ library with extensions for the wxWidgets cross-platform UI library. It contains control validators for immediate status output, an extended message box class, various helper functions, a few new controls, and more.

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Release Notes: Some adaptions were made to better work with new wxWidgets versions. Small changes were made for integration with WinXP. WxExtLibConfig was reorganized. The wxWindowAdder class was added. Refactoring was done from wxExtDialog to wxExtDlgBase. The wxOverlayAdder class was added. The wxNonModalDialogManag class was added. The StatusValidators source code was converted to use generic includes instead of macros. wxTextCtrlStatusValidator now also works with wxChoice, wxListBox, and wxComboBox controls. A variant of WxMessageFormat was added to work with std::string.


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