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The WWWOFFLE programs simplify World Wide Web browsing from computers that use intermittent (dialup) connections to the Internet. It is a simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up Internet links. It makes it possible to browse Web pages and read them without having to remain connected. There are too many features to mention, but they include privacy control, cookie/advert blocking, efficient bandwidth usage by specifying intervals between refreshes, options to monitor pages regularly, recursive fetching, HTML cleaning, highlighting of cached links, indexes of cached pages, searching of cached pages, and many more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Oct 2012 18:44

    Release Notes: Some small fixes for: HTTPS offline requests, handling certificate expiration, Web bug detection, and the configure script.

    •  03 Oct 2011 12:44

      Release Notes: Improved SSL/HTTPS support, specifically for use with newer versions of GnuTLS.

      •  09 Apr 2011 17:34

        Release Notes: Some small SSL bugs were fixed and a new option was added to allow passing URLs from browser to server unmodified.

        •  31 Jan 2010 19:36

          Release Notes: This release contains some new SSL features (faster but less secure key generation and longer certificate expiration times) and a number of minor bugfixes.

          •  25 Jan 2009 17:36

            Release Notes: A small set of minor bugfixes collected over the last 12 months.

            Recent comments

            28 Nov 2005 10:11 jeffcovey

            Re: wwwoffle-2.9-beta.tgz 1017 kB 14:23 Sun 6 Nov 2005
            So why didn't you post an announcement for it, instead
            of just a comment?

            28 Nov 2005 06:28 Goga777

            wwwoffle-2.9-beta.tgz 1017 kB 14:23 Sun 6 Nov 2005

            16 Jun 2002 09:49 cadumitrescu

            http mail problem
            Hi to everybody reading this!

            I have problems with sites that offer http mail

            Yahoo tell me that I dont' have cookie support enabled in my browser (but it really is enabled). I had read in the FAQ that comes with wwwoffle 2.7b about cookie problems and I write these sites in the DontGet section, but still the problem exist. My only chance to access my http mail is setting my browser (netscape navigator) not to use the proxy. This is really inconvenient.

            Please, any help?

            05 May 2002 08:47 swix

            Good News: looks good with 2.7b under osx 10.1.4
            Deamon is running fine, and all functions seems to work. At least no more "Bus error" :-)

            Next step: add wwwoffle to the fink project!


            26 Nov 2001 17:37 swix

            Bus error under Mac OS X
            Just tried to compile the software under Mac OS X: no
            errors on nake, but an ugly Bus Error on running

            [localhost:~/local/wwwoffle/sbin] om% ./wwwoffled
            wwwoffled[29237] Important: WWWOFFLE Demon Version 2.6d (with zlib,without ipv6) started.
            Bus error

            And if I try to debug it (is there no "strace" command?), I see:

            [localhost:~/local/wwwoffle/sbin] om% gdb wwwoffled
            GNU gdb 5.0-20001113 (Apple version gdb-200) (Mon Sep 3 02:43:52 GMT 2001) (UI_OUT)
            (gdb) run
            Starting program: /Users/om/local/wwwoffle/sbin/wwwoffled
            [Switching to thread 1 (process 29246 thread 0x1603)]
            Reading symbols for shared libraries . done
            wwwoffled[29246] Important: WWWOFFLE Demon Version 2.6d (with zlib,without ipv6) started.

            Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.
            0x700044c0 in memmove ()

            Is there a bug somewhere in the code? Or an OS
            incompatibility (os X =~ bsd).


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