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28 Apr 2014 17:52 smachin

Is this project still active? I've had to make some changes to WvDial 1.61 to get it to work with my modem. How do I send these changes back to the project leader?

08 Apr 2014 22:44 smachin

Is this project still active? How can we submit modifications?

27 Feb 2003 02:40 Sugarmouse

Thank Goodness
Thank Goodness this exists. I have been trying for ages to get my modem to work with linux for a couple of weeks now, and within 30 mins of installing this, everything is sweet and happy!

06 Apr 2002 01:37 xevilstar

Thank you
more than 6 years ago thanks to yor project I first connect my linux box on internet it's a pleasure o see you again on freshmeat !!!!!!!

go on like this !!!!!!!

05 Apr 2002 19:21 jefffreedm

I've been using a much older version (from SuSE
6.2) for a couple years now. It's almost
magical in its simplicity.


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