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wumwum is a window manager manager. The idea behind wumwum is to turn any EWMH-compliant window manager into a tiling manager a la "ion" or "awesome". wumwum works by using wmctrl, and adapts itself dynamically to the active window manager. All functionality from the underlying window manager is kept when under wumwum, making it ideal for beginners.


Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2010 20:17

    Release Notes: This release is close to version 1.0. Many dependencies have been discarded with a C rewrite. Aosd is now used for nifty screen display. This release detects full screen windows and handles them nicely. There are many bugfixes and increased speed.

    •  18 Aug 2009 18:33

      Release Notes: There are many bugfixes for this release: no more zombie processes, and some display bugs are now fixed. Some extra command line options are now available for better customization. Moreover, some dependencies have been removed.

      •  14 Mar 2009 19:20

        Release Notes: This release adds hiding/displaying of all windows, major speed boosts, compatibility with different managers (hiding windows should work everywhere now), and minor bugfixes. Shortcuts can now be configured on the commandline. Windows can now be grouped together. The dependency on xwininfo has been removed. wumwum now guesses your favorite applications. In hardcore mode, window decorations can be hidden. In the overlay, sticky windows are not managed, but can be hidden/displayed at will.

        •  11 Jan 2009 15:37

          Release Notes: Support was added for xfwm4. A new operation was added to hide or redisplay all windows on the current desktop. Sticky windows are managed in an overlay screen. Minor improvements were made for e17.

          •  11 Dec 2008 18:44

            Release Notes: e17 is now half working. Window sizes can now be changed (non-even splitting). There is a bugfix for Windows resizing when switching desktop. This release waits until a window manager is started. It's now easy to add new commands. Window decorations on the side of a window are now taken into account.


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