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21 Nov 2005 15:00 wterm

Wterm Development Resumed
After a long hiatus, development of Wterm has resumed. With a new homepage and the Sourceforge development tools, we are poised for community development to move forward. There are two obvious immediate development goals.

A number of bugs have been found over the past few years. This has resulted in a number of circulating patches developed for distribution or platform specific packages. It would be helpful for packagers and end users to contribute bug information and appropriate patches (if available) on our bug tracker.

Secondly, the documentation is in disarray. There are multiple distribution specific manual pages (most are partially complete). Other documentation is missing some Wterm specific features. Help refining the Wterm documentation is greatly appreciated.

We have a general discussion forum on Sourceforge where we can coordinate development efforts and provide user support. All are invited to participate!

02 Jan 2002 21:24 bytor4232

Well, since Largo, as great as he is, never updates his FM entries when a new version gets put up, I took the liberty of updating it to 6.2.9. I believe I've updated it the last three releases!

18 Dec 2001 17:15 aallan

RPM Package
With the demise of there is currently no central repositary for the wterm code and, after recently upgrading the linux distribution on my laptop, I couldn't find any pre-built RPM binary packages that didn't use a fairly old revision of the source. So in the end, I built my own. You can find the source code for wterm v6.2.7 and and RPM for RH7.x from

31 Mar 1999 08:03 xxi

you can find wterm 6.2.6 source at or a mirror

I suppose its else else where as well.

17 Mar 1999 09:23 digitalfokus

This shell would probably be a real cool prog if the server was there.


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