Wt is a C++ library for developing Web applications with an API that is widget-centric and inspired by existing C++ graphical user interface APIs. To the developer, it offers abstraction of Web-specific implementation details, increasing the accessibility and portability. Under the hood, the library uses the latest techniques (HTML5, Ajax, WebSockets) to handle user events and update the Web page.

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  •  13 Mar 2014 14:09

Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 is now supported in addition to version 2. An option was added to WGLWidget to render server-side (using OpenGL) in an off-screen buffer, as a portable solution when WebGL is not available in the browser, or when scene complexity is so high that downloading the entire scene to a client is less efficient. A 3D Graphics Library was added to complement the existing 2D charting API. The wthttpd received several improvements from architectural changes, as well as performance improvements.

Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes which went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes localized date-time support (WLocalDateTime), support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit, support for boost.signals2 in the Signals implementation, a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HTML-to-PDF renderer, attachment support in the SMTP mail client, and serialization support in the JSON module.

Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap was adopted as a new theme in addition to the existing CSS-based themes. As a result, several new widgets were added (toolbar, navigation bar, split button, and date edit) and improved (menus and popup menus). In addition, a MariaDB/MySQL backend for Wt::Dbo was added, performance was improved in the httpd/WebSockets backend, and the widget gallery has undergone a complete rework.

  •  29 Nov 2011 22:07

Release Notes: Several new modules were added: authentication (with support for third party identity services using OAuth 2.0), an HTTP(S) client, an SMTP client, and a JSON library. WebSockets protocol support was expanded to include all protocol versions up to the latest draft. A Firebird backend was added for Wt::Dbo. There is a new logging infrastructure, live configuration file rereading, and new Denial-of-Service mitigation and other security measures.

  •  24 Sep 2011 00:25

Release Notes: A new media player widget was added, unifying HTML5 and Flash playback. Several incremental feature improvements were implemented, and many bugs were fixed.


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