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Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes which went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes localized date-time support (WLocalDateTime), support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit, support for boost.signals2 in the Signals implementation, a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HTML-to-PDF renderer, attachment support in the SMTP mail client, and serialization support in the JSON module.

Release Notes: Several improvements for WFileUpload were implemented: support for uploading multiple files, a progress bar, and 413 status code when the request exceeds the maximum request size. IE9 support was added. Two new widgets were added: WProgressBar and WSpinBox. Lots of bugs were fixed and small enhancements were implemented.

  •  26 Jan 2009 18:14

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed, and several widgets received new API functionality. Two new examples were added and deployed online: an example to browse Git repositories that demonstrates custom model development (gitmodel) and an example that demonstrates drag and drop support in WTreeView (wtreeview-dragdrop).

  •  01 Dec 2008 15:15

Release Notes: Besides many bugfixes, this release includes the following new features: customizable loading indicators (with two shipped implementations), an MVC proxy model class (WSortFilterProxyModel), support for drag and drop of item selections in WTreeView, new WPopupMenu and WPopupMenuItem classes that implement a typical context menu, and the ability to embed a Wt application in an existing Web site or Web application using a "WidgetSet" mode.

  •  03 Nov 2008 17:03

Release Notes: New features include a new WAbstractItemModel interface that supports hierarchical models, a new widget, WTreeView, that implements a high performance MVC-based tree (table) view, and a widgetgallery example that demonstrates most of the widgets and features in Wt. Other improvements include support for submenus in WMenu, improved communication of events, standard prevention for CSRF also when using cookies for URL tracking, and an API for dynamic stylesheet rules.

  •  04 Jul 2008 13:50

Release Notes: Standard layout managers have been implemented for plain Wt container widgets (WGridLayout, WBoxLayout, and WBorderLayout), an API has been added for controlling the embedded Web server (WServer), Wt applications now validate using the W3C (X)HTML validators, preliminary support for AJAX on old IE Mobile browsers has been added, rendering has been optimized for fewer DOM manipulations, support classes for integrating Wt with Qt-based applications have been added, and several bugs have been fixed.

  •  14 Apr 2008 10:59

Release Notes: A number of regression problems introduced in 2.1.1 were fixed. The paint system was improved with VML rendering that is compatible with standards-compliant mode DOCTYPE, improved support for inline SVG in Opera using proper XHTML DOM manipulation, and the addition of save(), restore(), viewport/window, and drawImage() API calls, support for a cosmetic pen, and minor bugfixes. A WSlider widget was added, based on the painting API. Support for boost 1.35 was added.

  •  21 Oct 2007 16:40

Release Notes: New features include the ability to give focus to a WFormWidget, methods for setting and getting the selection in a Ext::TableView, a new WTabWidget with an API like Ext::TabWidget that uses the doxygen tab look, various improvements to Ext::Splitter to honor minimum and maximum widget sizes, support for non-string types in WAbstractItemModel, support for 304 Not Modified response codes in wthttpd, support for deploy-time properties in the settings XML file, and proper so-versioning of libraries. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  01 Jul 2007 09:23

Release Notes: Build problems related to locating thread enabled boost libraries were fixed.

  •  27 Jun 2007 07:18

Release Notes: Build improvements and bugfixes were done. The Xerces-C++ dependency was dropped in favor of Mini XML. SSL support is now a compile-time option for the built-in wthttpd. A WViewWidget was added for simple MVC widgets that do not need server-side state. As a result, Wt is more suitable for use in resource-constrained, embedded platforms.


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