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Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap was adopted as a new theme in addition to the existing CSS-based themes. As a result, several new widgets were added (toolbar, navigation bar, split button, and date edit) and improved (menus and popup menus). In addition, a MariaDB/MySQL backend for Wt::Dbo was added, performance was improved in the httpd/WebSockets backend, and the widget gallery has undergone a complete rework.

  •  29 Nov 2011 22:07

Release Notes: Several new modules were added: authentication (with support for third party identity services using OAuth 2.0), an HTTP(S) client, an SMTP client, and a JSON library. WebSockets protocol support was expanded to include all protocol versions up to the latest draft. A Firebird backend was added for Wt::Dbo. There is a new logging infrastructure, live configuration file rereading, and new Denial-of-Service mitigation and other security measures.

Release Notes: An ISAPI connector was added that allows deployment inside Microsoft IIS. Paint devices for PDF and PNG output were added. WSortFilterProxyModel was improved to deal with row insertions and removals in the underlying source model. A new WBatchEditProxyModel was added, which caches editing changes and commits them atomically. Support for natural (and composite) keys was added to Wt::Dbo. The Dbo::QueryModel, which adapts database objects to Wt’s MVC item views, now also supports editing (including row insertions and removals).

  •  09 Mar 2009 15:41

Release Notes: This release is the first preview release for Wt 3.0.0. A type-safe flags template class was added (WFlags). The WResource API was redesigned to support async I/O using continuations and file uploads. Scalable "server push" is now fully supported also in the presence of proxy servers that close connections. A WGoogleMap widget was added. Widget memory usage has been reduced by three-fold, which in turn leads to big performance improvements on low-end (embedded) systems. Floating point I/O in SVG/VML/Canvas rendering has been optimized.

  •  20 May 2008 17:39

Release Notes: Charting widgets that support category charts, pie charts, and scatter plots were added, implemented using the Wt painting API. Client-side validation was added to all WValidator classes, as was support for MS IE 8 beta. Other improvements include several bugfixes and feature and performance improvements in the painting API, better documentation, improved extended selection behaviour in WTree, improved cross-browser keyboard event handling, and MacOS X added to the supported build targets.

  •  10 Apr 2008 06:13

Release Notes: This version introduces a unified vector graphics paint system which, depending on the browser, renders using inline VML, inline SVG, or the HTML 5 <canvas> element. Substantial performance improvements were made in various places, resulting in a speed up of between 2 to 10 fold, depending on the situation. Minor new features include the new classes WTableRow and WTableColumn, dynamic loading of CSS rules, style sheets, and JavaScript files, support for <ul> based WMenu rendering, support for the ARM/uClibc platform, improved zlib/openssl detection for Win32, and many bugfixes.

  •  06 Mar 2008 08:14

Release Notes: This release upgrades support for extjs to version 2.0, giving Wt a full set of layout managers and more versatile and capable top-level GUI panels. In addition, support for server-initiated events ("server push") was improved and the latest versions of boost and boost asio are now supported. The build system was upgraded to allow more features to be optional, including compression and HTTPS, and to have more consistency between Windows and UNIX builds.

  •  02 Sep 2007 23:11

Release Notes: Over 20 new widgets were added, which were implemented using the Ext JS JavaScript library. Incremental improvements were made to the core library: a session-id-prefix may be configured to aid in load-balancing deployments; application-specific properties may be defined in the config file; the WDate API has been expanded and is more complete; several data-driven widgets now use a MVC WAbstractItemModel; and validator classes have been extended to also provide client-side validation when used in conjunction with Ext FormField widgets.

  •  01 Dec 2006 01:32

Release Notes: This is a sneak preview for Wt 2.0.0. It has numerous improvements in the API, as well as improved session management options, allowing the allocation of multiple sessions in one process. Multi-threaded request handling was implemented, including concurrent streaming of reentrant WResources (such as WFileResource). Session tracking was made more flexible (URL and/or cookies), and an XML-based configuration file is used. Wt now builds and works fine on non-32 bit platforms (tested on AMD64).

  •  31 Aug 2006 15:43

Release Notes: Wt will now do two-phase rendering for all updates (not only the initial load) where invisible changes to the DOM are transmitted in the background. Support has been added for client-side-only event handling. The GMail composer example has been updated with a ContactSuggestions popup window that demonstrates use of this new feature. Doxygen documentation has been cleaned, and examples separated.


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