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  •  13 Mar 2014 14:09

Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 is now supported in addition to version 2. An option was added to WGLWidget to render server-side (using OpenGL) in an off-screen buffer, as a portable solution when WebGL is not available in the browser, or when scene complexity is so high that downloading the entire scene to a client is less efficient. A 3D Graphics Library was added to complement the existing 2D charting API. The wthttpd received several improvements from architectural changes, as well as performance improvements.

Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes which went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes localized date-time support (WLocalDateTime), support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit, support for boost.signals2 in the Signals implementation, a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HTML-to-PDF renderer, attachment support in the SMTP mail client, and serialization support in the JSON module.

Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap was adopted as a new theme in addition to the existing CSS-based themes. As a result, several new widgets were added (toolbar, navigation bar, split button, and date edit) and improved (menus and popup menus). In addition, a MariaDB/MySQL backend for Wt::Dbo was added, performance was improved in the httpd/WebSockets backend, and the widget gallery has undergone a complete rework.

  •  29 Nov 2011 22:07

Release Notes: Several new modules were added: authentication (with support for third party identity services using OAuth 2.0), an HTTP(S) client, an SMTP client, and a JSON library. WebSockets protocol support was expanded to include all protocol versions up to the latest draft. A Firebird backend was added for Wt::Dbo. There is a new logging infrastructure, live configuration file rereading, and new Denial-of-Service mitigation and other security measures.

  •  24 Sep 2011 00:25

Release Notes: A new media player widget was added, unifying HTML5 and Flash playback. Several incremental feature improvements were implemented, and many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Animation support was added. Internal paths, using HTML5 History if available, are now supported in the XHTML contents of WTempate and WText widgets. You can now instantiate multiple WServer objects in a single process. Session fixation attacks are prevented by allowing changing of session ID. Wt::Dbo received several API improvements, allowing the use of foreign keys as primary keys. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  07 Feb 2011 10:31

Release Notes: New features include a rendering class for XHTML to PDF, font metrics support for paint devices, customization of headers in table-/tree-views using delegates, right-to-left layout support for Middle-Eastern languages, support for cross-origin resource sharing for both AJAX and WebSockets, and foreign key constraints (not null, cacade) in Wt::Dbo. Bootstrapping of a new application session has improved and is now more robust.

Release Notes: Several improvements for WFileUpload were implemented: support for uploading multiple files, a progress bar, and 413 status code when the request exceeds the maximum request size. IE9 support was added. Two new widgets were added: WProgressBar and WSpinBox. Lots of bugs were fixed and small enhancements were implemented.

Release Notes: An ISAPI connector was added that allows deployment inside Microsoft IIS. Paint devices for PDF and PNG output were added. WSortFilterProxyModel was improved to deal with row insertions and removals in the underlying source model. A new WBatchEditProxyModel was added, which caches editing changes and commits them atomically. Support for natural (and composite) keys was added to Wt::Dbo. The Dbo::QueryModel, which adapts database objects to Wt’s MVC item views, now also supports editing (including row insertions and removals).

  •  21 May 2010 09:48

Release Notes: WTableView has been reimplemented to provide both horizontal and vertical scrolling for arbitrary large models. Inline editing was implemented for WTableView and WTreeView (through item delegates). WSuggestionPopup supports server-side filtering. Plain-HTML fall-back and progressive enhancement were improved. Connection pools, long-lived query objects, a query-backed item model, and other improvements were implemented for the ORM library.


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