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Release Notes: Safe eval code has been removed. INLINE error now prints eval code with line numbers. You can safely use print inside Eval code instead of returning output.

Release Notes: RURL was removed from wpplib, and is now a built-in macro instead. Built-in macros use internally relativized paths through RURL. CERN2HTML and NCSA2HTML relativize URLs in map tags. Debian packaging files were added. A bug in WPP::call which occurred when calling built-in macros was fixed. The arguments to WPP::get, WPP::set, WPP::eval, and WPP::canonpath are now checked. WPP::set now checks the variable name. Minor internal code cleanups were made.

  •  05 Jun 2003 03:45

Release Notes: This version fixes a directory bug when creating with "./ {file}.raw", and some code cleanups.

  •  02 Jun 2003 22:47

Release Notes: Deps generation cleanups were done. 'use strict' is enabled by default. All the warnings and errors now print the file and line. Some path generation code and other misc. code was also cleaned up.

Release Notes: This release adds a SYSTEM_PP macro alias, and fixes some warning messages with Safe module shipped with Perl 5.6.1. The client/server side map related macros now have support for map id. This version uses Term::ANSIColor for outputting bold messages when required. There is a new switch "-u", "--unsafe-eval" for disabling Safe module and using the standard "eval" function. The FILE_SIZE now can output values in bytes, KB, MB, etc. An EVAL error will result in a full dump of the inlined code with the error message.

Release Notes: This version includes post- and pre-processing filters (-f and -F switches), and a WPP::call() method for inlined scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds wpplib, a standard macros library for WPP. A config file can now be placed into subdirs, and it will be included and merged with the main one only for files contained in that subdirectory. XHTML output has been added for builtin macros through the -x or -xhtml switches or the builtin macro XHTML_OUTPUT. Macro overloading has been added; the same macro can now be defined multiple times with a different number of parameters. DEFAULT_TMPLPATH and TMPLPATH have replaced DEFAULT_TMPLDIR and TMPLDIR; you can now specify multiple template paths.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

Release Notes: The last "chop" calls were replaced with safer "chomp". The '\n' within macros declared in config files now are kept as in raw and tmpl files. New built-in macros were added: EVAL and RANDOM.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the macro declaration parsing block which caused parsing to fail if extra spaces were entered after the bracket, and a bug in depend mode where file dependencies were printed before a valid makefile target in some circumstances.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

Release Notes: Fixes for a macro argument expansion bug inside the IF test and a serious bug in nested macro expansion (now the macro arguments prefix used internally by wpp is randomized), new built-in macros FILE_SIZE, FILE_DATE, and SYSTEM, a customizable DATE format through the DATE_FORMAT variable, and the output file was stripped of leading spaces and empty lines.


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