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  •  18 Dec 2005 12:09

Release Notes: Some major bugs in the collision code that caused characters to teleport around the map have been fixed. Numerous bugs have been fixed in the pig farming code. The code for selling pigs for money has been improved to make it much easier for the player. Information about the world's astronomical calendar is now exposed to the client, allowing custom day/night cycles. Support has been added for Avahi MDNS service discovery. The Python script interface has been cleaned up and made more consistent.

  •  27 Nov 2005 17:12

Release Notes: Several bugs that caused the server to abort have been fixed. Artificial intelligence code has been modified so that NPCs can answer questions about things in the world. Characters can no longer attack themselves. Houses now have collision structures, so it is possible to go inside them.

  •  06 Oct 2005 19:04

Release Notes: A bug with scripts that meant many entities in the world were inanimate has been fixed. The movement code has been enhanced to prevent NPCs from jumping around the map. Server monitoring from an admin client is now fixed. A bug which caused server CPU load to go 100% when an NPC cut down a tree has been fixed. Denial of service attacks that open multiple connections and hold them open are now handled. The signal code has been ported to build on FreeBSD.

  •  11 Nov 2001 11:59

Release Notes: Many bug fixes and performance improvements were made since the Acorn 0.4 release of Cyphesis. New administration features were added for easier server maintenance. The basis for a new Mason ruleset was added.


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