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  •  30 Nov 2008 20:35

Release Notes: World data is now fully persistent across crashes and restarts. Many bugs have been fixed and performance improvements made.

  •  28 Oct 2008 21:28

Release Notes: Terrain modifiers are now fully supported. A new persistence backend has been written and is in testing. Properties have been rewritten to be way more efficient. Internal metrics and monitors are now exposed using HTTP. Registration with the metaserver is now much more reliable. Simulation is now jittered to make CPU load much smoother. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  03 Jul 2008 13:23

Release Notes: A protocol for activating mechanisms has been implemented. The memory footprint of a server has been significantly reduced. The obsolete, dysfunctional persistence layer has been removed. The code has been refactored to have much more sensible class names. A number of bugs have been fixed.

  •  11 Dec 2007 10:29

Release Notes: Players can now create their own roads. The script API has been made much simpler. It is now trivial to run multiple servers on one machine. Memory usage has been reduced. A huge number of bugs have been fixed.

  •  02 Nov 2007 17:15

Release Notes: The rule definition file format is now simpler to edit and loads more reliably. Rules files have been broken down into more intuitive categories. A number of new standard properties are now available to world builders. A feature has been added allowing the full list of goals an NPC has to be queried. The surface details of the terrain are now defined by data, not hard coded. The server will now still start if the configuration file cannot be read. A bug that broke deer behavior has been fixed.

  •  15 Jul 2007 15:01

Release Notes: The way rules data is handled is now much simpler to make it easier for game designers to create what they want. A lot of hard-coded functionality has been removed from the compiled core program. Core functionality is now associated with properties, and so can be applied to any entity. Most of Mason has been reimplemented as task scripts, which are cleaner and more flexible. There are more helpful messages when inconsistencies are detected in rule data. This release works more reliably as an autopackage.

  •  06 May 2007 18:43

Release Notes: The server warns the player if the character needs food. The weather has been enhanced to provide more varied rain and variable visibility. Dependency failures are reported much more cleanly. More tool types are available for sale at the tool merchant. Database functionality is handled more dynamically, and the server will run when no database is available. Rubbish around the new character spawn point is cleared up automatically by NPCs. All cyphesis commands have better help and version reporting. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  18 Jan 2007 05:49

Release Notes: A new subsystem was implemented for handling clothing and equipment attached visibly to avatars and NPCs. Crowding of unused characters around the spawn location has been solved. The code has been superficially ported so it can now run on Windows. Each build now has a unique identifier, making it easier to track what a server is running. A number of dangerous race conditions have been removed. Python 2.5 is now supported. Test coverage has been massively improved. Inline code documentation coverage has been improved. Lots of bugs and memory leaks have been fixed.

  •  27 Sep 2006 17:29

Release Notes: A bug that caused the RPM scripts to hang when starting cyphesis has been fixed. Several bugfixes mean that the server now runs on Mac OS X. The script API has been cleaned up a little to make it more consistent. When cyphesis runs as a daemon, it can now rotate its logs.

  •  24 Aug 2006 22:36

Release Notes: Stacking inventory items has been implemented. The administrator's command-line client no longer hangs if its terminal window changes size. The command-line client now has a dynamic prompt to indicate the server being accessed and the user logged in. Errors in rule scripts are now sure to cause a Python exception rather than being logged to the server error log. A bug has been fixed that made it easy for scripts to accidentally cause an object to be set to a corrupted orientation. Numerous performance improvements have been made to the core C++ code. A huge number of minor bugs have been fixed.


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