Version 0.5.9 of Cyphesis

Release Notes: Stacking inventory items has been implemented. The administrator's command-line client no longer hangs if its terminal window changes size. The command-line client now has a dynamic prompt to indicate the server being accessed and the user logged in. Errors in rule scripts are now sure to cause a Python exception rather than being logged to the server error log. A bug has been fixed that made it easy for scripts to accidentally cause an object to be set to a corrupted orientation. Numerous performance improvements have been made to the core C++ code. A huge number of minor bugs have been fixed.

Other releases

  •  28 Oct 2013 03:38

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release which fixes a serious crash issue. It fixes a possible crash related to wielded entities and destruction, and adds a new “spawner” property

    •  23 Sep 2013 02:48

      Release Notes: New authoring, inspection, and persistence of minds. Improvements to goals, making forester and lumberjack more lively. Full persistence of the world, along with minds, at shutdown. Internal rewrites of many core functions.

      •  12 Nov 2012 02:26

        Release Notes: New game systems implement earthworks and prototypes of baking, rope making, and other crafting. New game systems starting work on metal smelting. New game systems implementing pioneering. A new prototype game system has been added for magic spells. Almost all of the core code has been touched in some way over the last 18 months in changes that have increased robustness, flexibility, performance, and reliability.

        •  02 Mar 2011 10:08

          Release Notes: A teleport connection can now be created between two servers, and characters can be transferred between them. Terrain mods have been rewritten to be much more advanced. New game play has been added using terrain mods for construction. Lots of bugs have been fixed.

          •  17 Nov 2010 22:11

            Release Notes: Gameplay systems now support creating and updating terrain mods.


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