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  •  15 Feb 2009 08:34

Release Notes: Improved bug collecting and handling processes have resulted in the resolution of numerous bugs. The newly designed product card eliminates the cumbersome tab layout, and the user can now choose which parts of the product information to be currently visible. Products can be easily managed with the newly introduced product type support. Product field labels can now be changed as easily as clicking on the label and typing. New Kreditor payment support offers invoicing solutions that are as easy to use as credit card payments are for you.

Release Notes: A tree structure element may be added to any page and this element can be configured with CSS. The identifications list now allows searching with identified customer data. In the password protection WAE settings, it is possible not to redirect the customer to the first page after login. Product importing can now be done without all product fields in the CSV file. Other minor improvements and bugfixes were done.

Release Notes: Thumbnails are automatically generated from uploaded product pictures. Now every textarea can have a WYSIWYG editor in it. It is possible to check luottokunta transaction status. A PDF version of the manual is available. Product import/export was improved. Now the user can describe a file encoding and choose to import a root folder. An advanced search allows customers to include product options as search parameters. S-pankki payment was implemented.

Release Notes: The Handelsbanken payment system was improved. The Handelsbanken Identification service URL was changed.

Release Notes: The filemanager allows you to create directories, download multiple files, and directly edit text files. It is possible to configure several types of answer validation logic for the order and registration forms. The Nordea Nettiliotto payment method is supported. A new type of custom page was added to the visual module, which can be directly edited using a WYSIWYG editor. The order's delivery cost automatic recalculation is allowed at the administrator's application.

Release Notes: Support for the ClickandBuy payment method was added. A new question type for asking the registration code of the company was added. Now it is possible to modify the ID of a custom question. Estonian Sampo payment integration was updated to redirect to the changed URL of the bank.

Release Notes: Now it is possible to configure the products to have different VAT rates in different regions. Integration for Finnish Post's Prinetti services is added. The group letter has much more flexibility and features. A wish list feature is added for the Web shop's customers for bookmarking their favorite products. New payment methods have been implemented: DIBS and 2CheckOut. There is now support for payment refunding for Nordea and OKO payment methods. The delivery cost can now be calculated based on weight or order total sum in addition to the base price.

Release Notes: This version adds support for the new Luottokunta DMP HTML 1.0 payment interface. Also, the URL for the Ã…landsbanken payment method has been updated. Some bugs have been fixed.

  •  26 Apr 2007 06:27

Release Notes: Some remaining problems with MySQL 5 support have been fixed. Eight new ready-made themes were added. Customer data now contains last modification dates.

Release Notes: This version is fully compatible with MySQL 5. A cross sell feature was added for promoting associated products in your shop. Individual WAEs can be given descriptive names in the page editor. The contents of a customer's shopping cart can be preserved between logins. Text information can be automatically shortened in a product list. Small Business Edition now supports multiple user accounts in the administration interface and multiple themes (although only one can be active at a time). Error reporting in Web Shop was improved.


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