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  •  19 Jan 2009 15:14

Release Notes: New enemies, Tesla towers and Gunwheels, were added to later levels. The difficulty of levels was tweaked to try to make the increase in difficulty ramp up more smoothly and gradually. Cosmetic improvements were made to the appearance and motion of the Space Octopi. The duration of Xbox 360 controller rumble effects was shortened to 1/4th of a second to make the effects correlate more sharply with the events which cause them.

  •  12 Dec 2008 18:44

Release Notes: The Space Octopi now have frickin' lasers on their heads. Stallman's airships now have frickin' lasers as well. A bug where portaudio was being shut down prematurely has been fixed. Some items no longer simply disappear upon being shot, but instead leave behind destroyed wreckage.

  •  01 Dec 2008 15:24

Release Notes: "xmas mode" was added in which you not only get to blow stuff up and rescue your buddies, as usual, but you get to do so while piloting Santa's sleigh and delivering presents.

  •  04 Aug 2008 14:20

Release Notes: The "--thicklines" option was added, which causes everything to be drawn with thicker lines. Icons were added. Minor optimizations were made for performance. The Linux specific rumble code was protected with ifdefs. Now bombs bounce off the airships.

  •  28 Jul 2008 16:30

Release Notes: Now the starfield in the background (optionally) moves. The code which draws laser beams was improved. Bullets fired by cron jobs (green robots) throw off sparks now.

  •  21 Jul 2008 14:32

Release Notes: Support was added for the Xbox 360 controller, including working rumble effects (which requires the 2.6.26 Linux kernel). The --norumble and --rumbledevice options were added.

  •  15 Jul 2008 17:12

Release Notes: Improved collision detection. It is easier to enter the "socket" at the end of each level. A less annoying missile alarm sound is used. Missiles turn a bit more realistically. Shorts are used instead of ints in point structure for a very slight increase in performance. Now high scores are saved in ~/.wordwarvi/.highscores.

  •  07 Jul 2008 18:15

Release Notes: This release improves the motion of the jetpack pilots. The "***MISSILE LOCK ON DETECTED***" message blinks. New difficulty levels have been added: "easy", "medium", "hard", "insane", and "batxxxx-insane".

  •  30 Jun 2008 14:21

Release Notes: Now, when you shoot down jets or gdbs, the pilots and crew eject and, by means of jetpack, come after you with lasers blasting. The breather period between lives was increased from 1 second to 4 seconds. Some minor Makefile problems were fixed.

  •  16 Jun 2008 14:39

Release Notes: The radar now shows a box around your ship indicating the boundaries of the screen, and your ship and the humanoids blink twice as fast as they used to for increased visibility. Default options can now be set via the ~/.wordwarvi/.exrc config file, and customization of keyboard and joystick controls can be done via this file as well. A couple more levels have been added. The mouse cursor has been changed to something less obtrusive. A few very minor bugs have been fixed.


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