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WorDoG (World Domination Game) is basically a derivate from Risk, the popular board game. The project aims to provide this strategical multiplayer game on a HTML-only basis. All necessary calculations are done serverside by PHP, and data is stored in a database (PEAR DB).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Oct 2004 02:29

    Release Notes: This release is playable under the Nuke Game Engine. Gameplay has not changed much, except that the starting country can be chosen optionally and the fame calculation respects many game details.

    •  18 May 2003 21:45

      Release Notes: This release aims to be more stable and fixes many bugs. It contains the same features as the upcoming 0.6 release, but the notification and translation are not complete.

      •  27 Apr 2003 14:37

        Release Notes: WorDoG has undergone major changes since the last release. For example, it now uses some PEAR functions (including the IT templating system). WAKit has been integrated, and PHPBasis does not have to be downloaded separately anymore.

        •  11 Feb 2003 18:24

          Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. Diplomacy works better and the 3d maps can be played now, though this is not an official feature yet. PHPBasis and WAKit have been improved and as always, their latest versions are required.

          •  26 Jan 2003 16:42

            Release Notes: Some of the immature features of the previous alpha releases were hidden to provide stable, fast, and exciting gameplay.


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