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  •  12 Feb 2014 22:25

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, an improved dialer view, and exportation of the details of your campaign runs.

  •  23 Sep 2013 23:10

    Release Notes: This release adds black lists, CSV upload/download of call lists, agent CLIDs, and more.

    •  13 Jun 2013 08:06

    Release Notes: This release added reverse dialing (with a preview panel for agents), dynamic call lists for running campaigns, a powerful security model that makes the dialer fully multi-tenant, and more minor tweaks.

    •  07 May 2013 13:55

    Release Notes: Support for queue end-points was improved: the queue state and the connected agent are now displayed when doing Live monitoring. Dynamic handling of call-lists from the Live page was added. A number of small bugs were fixed.

    •  21 Jan 2013 18:49

    Release Notes: Improved handling of "ghost calls" and improved usability of Live page, plus a set of optimizations on database access that will benefit the largest sites.

    •  10 Jan 2013 21:55

    Release Notes: This release adds new security checks to the GUI. It has a full 54-page User Manual to document all aspects of the dialer, and a new video tutorial to show how to set up the dialer on an Elastix system in 10 minutes.

    •  21 Dec 2012 23:09

    Release Notes: This version supercedes the free time-limited beta versions, and is the first one that does not expire and has proper licensing in place.

    •  15 Nov 2012 13:49

    Release Notes: There is now a way to “hide” campaigns and lists that are no longer in use. Many changes were made and new graphs provided on the Live page, including statistics of running campaigns. Editing of call attributes and export of call sets was added. New lists can be created from campaign outcomes (from the Reports tab). Over 50 errors were fixed in the GUI. Performance was improved. There is now the option to install WombatDialer manually in a Web container, so you do not have to use the RPM packages if you don’t need to.

    •  10 Oct 2012 21:13

    Release Notes: This release adds a new feature to allow recycling of numbers into new lists from the Reports page. Many bugs and annoyances have been fixed in the GUI thanks to the comments coming from the beta program.

    •  29 Aug 2012 22:25

      Release Notes: WombatDialer is now in beta stage after being tested for a few months in a number of call-centers worldwide in its initial alpha stage. A number of small changes have been implemented in order to correct errors found in the alpha; a powerful QueueMetrics integration mode has been developed as well.


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