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Working Overloaded Linux Kernel

The Working Overloaded Linux Kernel (WOLK) project provides stable and development kernels for either server or testing purposes. These kernels provide a server kernel and also a service for developers and end users who can't be up-to-date with the latest kernels/patches but want to test new kernel features. Patches may be added upon request.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Mar 2004 18:40

    Release Notes: This release adds new features, such as rICMP support, objrmap, anon_vma, and prio trees from the latest 2.6.5-rc2-aa4 tree. Updates were made to the O(1) batch scheduler, ReiserFS v3 extended attributes, ACLs, and security labels. The grsecurity2 addon has been updated. Important fixes were made to the ICMP code, which ignored ICMP echo requests when CONFIG_IP_NMAP_FREAK was not set. Two addons, named Systrace v1.5 and the Staircase Scheduler have been added.

    •  20 Mar 2004 21:23

      Release Notes: This release adds new features such as a modular OOM killer, Orinoco Monitor Mode, and routing enhancements (2.6.4-ja1). Updates were made to IEEE 1394. More features were added to the grsecurity2 addon, like ELF text relocation logging and selinux hooks for PaX. Important fixes were made for grsecurity2, like nullpointer dereferences with multithreaded applications using the RBAC system. Compilation problems on x86_64 have been fixed. Another addon, named GoboHide, has been added.

      •  18 Mar 2004 10:58

        Release Notes: This release added new features such as IP stealth, Emulex LP drivers, IMQ, LUFS, shfs, CDfs, PRAMfs, NFS(d) acl support, KDB v4.3, evlog, uml-skas3, TuX, MIPv6 support, ReiserFS Quota, ReiserFS data=ordered, WinTv PVR 250/350 support, Infiniband support, l7-netfilter, and l7-childlevel support. Updates were made to XFS and the Qlogic QLA2xxx driver with failover support. Reiser4 has been removed. Grsecurity2 and Win4Lin 5.0 support were added as options.

        •  15 Mar 2004 00:19

          Release Notes: This is the first Linux 2.6 edition. This release adds new features like PaX, Layer 7 QoS v0.4.1b, Bootsplash v3.1.3, SuperMount-NG v2.0.4, HostAP driver v0.1.3, SquashFS v1.3-r3, SCSI Media Changer v0.22, Twofish encryption for the loop device, ReiserFS extended attributes, ReiserFS ACLs, ReiserFS Security Labels, and Scheduler Tunable preselections. The Adaptec SCSI RAID adapters support has been fixed and enabled amongst many other build fixes.

          •  22 Aug 2003 17:03

            Release Notes: This release adds fixes many bugs, including recent "steal locks" problems, NBD race conditions and deadlocks, some bogus ext3 problems, v4l1 having wrong poll_table usage due to epoll, and the RMAP oom problem. IPVS has been updated to 1.10, rsbac to 1.2.2, DRBD to 0.6.6, XFS to 1.3-pre5, kdb to 4.3, EVMS to 2.1.0, q to full rev2, i2c and lmsensors to 2.8.0, and CIFS to 0.8.7. A new feature has been added, shfs 0.32-pre1.

            Recent comments

            05 Jul 2003 20:43 gavinv

            Re: Documentation

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            11 Mar 2002 06:56 haitauer

            Re: Ducumentation

            > Absolutely no documentation or home
            > page.
            > Not even a description of what this
            > contains. Just a monolith.

            read the README you can find at
            ALL is described there what is included. For a Kernel you do not need a documentation, all in inside the Kernel, Documentation/

            kind regards,

            10 Mar 2002 10:13 blades

            Absolutely no documentation or home page.
            Not even a description of what this contains. Just a monolith.


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