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wmpal is a useless Window Maker dockapp based on bbpal. It displays a small "pal" animation and allows for configurable click action.

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Release Notes: Minor fixes were made to the wmessage application. The code was recompiled with the new libDockApp. This should be the final 0.6 pre-release.

Release Notes: This release adds a patch for runtime-choosable pals. It needs peer review for fixes to wmessage issues.

  •  20 Apr 2001 00:47

Release Notes: Added animation improvements including 1 more image per pal and random animation time.

  •  26 Mar 2001 00:23

Release Notes: Changed code to use xsay (included) rather then xmessage. Made minor code changes.

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07 Oct 2001 17:47 asleep

Not dead...
In case anyone wanders across this... I've gotten quite busy, I have some CVS code to update and some changes for my little buddy... project hasn't died, I'm just busy right now.


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A multi-protocol, multi-source, cross-platform download utility.


Project Spotlight


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