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  •  07 Feb 2014 03:22

Release Notes: This release includes a lot of new plugins such as: beatclock.wmi (Swatch Internet Time), dice.wmi (a dice to toss), clock.wmi (a semi-analog clock), fuzzy-clock.wmi (the time in plain English), and acrobats-*.wmi, cyclist.wmi, golfer.wmi, and ostrich.wmi (different animated plugins). Other highlights include an improved online script, improved FORECAST entries in conky.conf, rewritten cpumon.wmi and iching.wmi plugins, and a lot of minor changes.

Release Notes: This release introduces minor updates concerning conky.conf THINKPAD entries, a few plugins, and counter and timestring scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds a rewritten timezone.wmi plugin and new configuration files which work much better than their predecessors, a modified conky configuration file, and a BUGS file which covers three bugs, two conky-related and one concerning color artifacts appearing in specific situations.

Release Notes: This release adds modified versions of some plugins which use less CPU power than their predecessors and updated versions of a few plugins which stopped working properly in their previous editions.

  •  17 Jan 2012 02:48

Release Notes: This release includes updated or modified versions of a few plugins, configuration files, and scripts.


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